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jeune japanese teen porn : YouTubeGoogleBingMail. . Audrey Bitoni. . It's your choice, I'm hoping to do this with everyone every month. For some reason today I keep looking at this picture of myself from in which I completely missed getting into a pose for the camera.

I was using the self timer but was caught in the moment of realising I had painted my nails I love to do this as it is a rare event for me. I was also thrilled to see the mascara on my eyelashes as I love wearing mascara. It is not a great photo but it set free a lot of thoughts seeing it once more.

As a young man I use to question my sexuality and was troubled by my feelings. The problem I had was I had a powerful desire to dress up as a girl.

have faced it

The issue had the complication that when I was cross-dressed and attempting to look female I found I wanted to act as if I really was a female. This meant I enjoyed trying to see if I could attract men and I wanted them to desire me as a female.

Sounds straightforward? For many years I wrestled with this as despite my desire to try and appear as a female men may be attracted to, and I admit I love the idea of being the girl and enjoy acting in the role of a woman, at my core I am not attracted to men at all!

This conundrum used to incapacitate me emotionally for weeks at a time and I genuinely found it difficult to carry on in my normal life as a man. I have deeply considered if I am homosexual and I conclude now that I am not yet I am keen on pretending I am woman and enjoy acting as a woman would with men albeit without any physical intimacy. Another factor I wrestle with comes down to my lack of confidence and self belief.

I do desire to pass convincingly as a woman but, for me personally, I completely fail in my aspirations, I feel I always look so obviously a man dressed up as a woman.

Having admitted how I feel about my attempts at female illusion I still find myself trying to act the part of a woman as convincingly as I possibly can. One ct of my life I am greatly disappointed about and truly regret is as a teenager I secretly had the desire to be an entertainer and loved the idea of being a female impersonator. Part of that was, at the time, a way of freeing my inner desire to dress up as a girl. I really wanted a career as an actor that played transgender roles or in comedy playing a transvestite roles.

I would have loved doing that job for a living butbutI am weak, shallow individual and my fear of others ridiculing my dream meant I took the easier and duller route of suppressing my feelings and just trying to be a boy and conforming to what society expected.

I can vividly recall as a teenager washing my hair and blow drying it into a girls style then putting on make-up. I recall the tactile sensation of lipstick on my lips and the sheer excitement of coating my eyelashes in mascara, to then put on knickers and a bra, slip into a dress and step into high heels absolute heaven! Seeing myself in a long mirror dressed as a girl had a powerful emotional impact and an experience that at first was euphoric, then caused me great distress followed by self disgust.

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What happened after seeing myself in the mirror dressed as a girl was I found myself being sexually aroused and had to masturbate, the moment was incredible.

However, minutes after masturbating I began to cry and could not stop, I had lost control completely. My mascara was running down my face and the sight of this gripped my heart and made me realise I was never ever going to be able to be a girl, I was stuck and my life was to be that of a man.

I had dreamt of boys wanting to go out with me and I could be a girlfriend yet deep down I was repulsed by the notion and this led to the disgust with myself. I was distraught for many days afterwards yet that memory of being dressed in girls clothes, having changed my hair style and of wearing make-up and then seeing my mascara running down my tearful face would not diminish.

What did it all mean? I had no idea. What happened was I became withdrawn and rarely socialised, at school and college I would keep to myself and every day I would question myself and about my feelings and tell myself I must be homosexual because of my actions yet I was definitely attracted to girls not boys.

What troubled me a lot was when I was dressed as a girl I really liked being one and liked being a girl with the boys but was avoiding intimacy.

consider, that you

I began to wonder why as I grew older, part of me thought it was because I had no desire for anal sex with a man, could that be why I hung back? I could not have sex as a woman with a man because I was a man, I would then feel a bit queasy just thinking of that. For years I though I must be a closeted homosexual as why else would I desire to dress up and act like a girl and try to do so as if I really was one? Eventually, my lack of confidence in my ability to actually look convincing s a female became so strong I suppressed my urge to cross-dress for over twenty years.

really. happens. Quite

I have to say throughout those two decades the desire to dress as a woman never diminished, I used to think of it almost every day and I would, no point in denying this, envy women when I saw them, I was desperate to be a woman or was I? Again, another issue was ever present. I know I get a real thrill and enjoy the fact that I am a man dressing up as a woman, I really love that and it also sets free the suppressed actor I wish I had been and even though I now always dress up as a woman in private, it gives me an opportunity to perform, to be that female impersonator.

Part of me is greatly attracted to the performance cts and I do enjoy the whole transformation from male to female and love all the physical preparation, make-up, wigs and dresses, it is incredibly good fun and liberating and yet, another part of me wants it to be real, part of me wants to be a woman.

I then get into a whole circle that goes around and around of am I transsexual? Am I deluding myself? I do enjoy the notion of illusion and presenting an image that is very different to my normal gender. I can still get very aroused sexually by cross-dressing and I still love the idea of acting as a woman alongside a man and carrying the role off well enough to be able to maybe kiss a man and hold his hand and really try and be a female companion alongside him, but it is purely performance.

A variation on the way straight actors can play gay roles.

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I do know now that I am in my mid fifties that I am an heterosexual male as I am not attracted to men but I like the idea I can dress up as a woman and pretend I am as it makes my female performance more convincing.

Maybe it is all a delusion and I am rationalising things in a way that makes it acceptable to me. I can recall I once hired a professional make-up artist to transform me into a woman back in as I was keen to learn how to apply make-up properly for my facial features and skin colouring.

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He told me I did look like a woman but it was obvious I was a man. When I asked why he said I was still acting like a man and I needed to modify my thinking and physicality to become a woman if the illusion was to work. As you can imagine this ignited the frustrated actor within me and I try to achieve this each time I dress up as a female.

While a part of me, what I call my transsexual part, feels elation at taking on the appearance of a woman well trying to take on the appearance another part of me enjoys the adventure of it all, the daring of being a man and completely throwing all of that to one side and trying to become feminine.

I do always feel sheer delight when I completely make myself over into my female alter-ego and I do experience that wish that I could stay a woman forever yet I know that within a few hours that feeling will diminish and I will be content to become my male self once more. I thrive on the memories of my cross-dressing sessions and the anticipation of the next one. These days I am lucky to manage two occasions a year so they are very precious to me and give me a some relief for the part of me that fervently wishes I was a woman not a man butI am a manthe circle begins once more.

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By this time I thought, "This woman is begging me to ask her to lunch. We went across the street and got some pizza and chatted a long time. That's where I snapper her picture. We exchanged contact information and she said she'd write when she got home.

She lives in the northern part of the state.

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