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In the winter of5 college students from Las Vegas set out to film a UFO documentary as a class project.

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They traveled miles north to the renowned Area 51 government installation a Read all In the winter of5 college students from Las Vegas set out to film a UFO documentary as a class project. They traveled miles north to the renowned Area 51 government installation and begin what they thought would be a fun project.

After witnessing several unbelievable e After witnessing several unbelievable events, the students realize that they've uncovered information that the US Government does Read all. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. Directors Giovanni Sticco James Taylor. Giovanni Sticco. Daisy De La Hoya Maria Manco Gil Rivas Perez.

Top credits Directors Giovanni Sticco James Taylor.

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After this, Free spends the rest of the Tournament helping Valt's friends train him for the final battle against Shu. Free appears in the 25th episode with his new Turbo Bey, Geist Fafnir 8'Proof Absorbwhich he created with Raul Comas. In this time, he was shown battling Valt in a flashback and he also meets Aiger Akabanewho also ran into his deerand defeats him in two beybattles.

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When Valt builds a new Turbo Beyblade to replace the one Aiger destroyed, Free helped him master it. In episode 43during his match with Phihis bey was broken by the latter's dark power.

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He was unable to believe it and became angry and upset. Free is not a main character in Rise. However, he did appear in a flashback where it was revealed that he and his Geist Fafnir inspired Fumiya Kindo to create his Wizard Fafnir Bey. It is possible that since Free is holding Geist Fafnir in the flashback, means that he possibly got it repaired. In episode 4 of SurgeFree returns with his brand new Bey. He was inspired to create a Superking Bey after losing to a rookie Blader during a visit to New York.

Determined to bounce back, Free returned to Spain and created Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S to reach new heights and prepare for a rematch against that Blader.

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While training at his usual spot, he is accosted by Hyuga and Hikaruwho both demand a battle. He ignores them until Valt and Rantaro arrive and witness his new Bey's power.

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Free then battles Rantaro to show off Fafnir's power and scores a point. The battle is interrupted by Hyuga and Hikaru clamoring for a battle again.

Free brushes them off until Valt vouches for them, so he agrees to a two-on-one match.

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The two brothers fair poorly against Fafnir, but when they attack him as one, he has a vision of the blader he lost to. That moves him to get serious, so he overpowers their combined might and wins with a Burst Finish.

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In episode fiveFree watches over the two boys as they try to mimic his training regiment. When he finishes training, he gives them both a chance to battle one-on-one, starting with Hikaru.

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He plays along when Hikaru forces a stamina battle, but is surprised when Kolossal Helios manages to outlast Fafnir. However, Free was testing Hikaru, so he battles in the next round using Fafnir's new Counter Mode and wins the match with a burst.

Later, Free battles Hyuga and takes advantage of the young Blader's reckless battle style to cause a Slow Motion Burst Finish. He then tries to leave, but Rantaro pleads for him to give Hyuga another chance and he agrees to a rematch. This time, Hyuga's strong resonance causes Free to have a vision that makes him lose his composure.

Hyuga and Hyperion manage to hold their own until he unleashes his special move to win with another Burst Finish. During episode 6Valt proposes a tag battle to which he agrees. Free and Hyuga face off against Valt and Hikaru; he easily defeats Hikaru with a single strike.

With Hyuga burst by Valt, only Free and Valt remain. The first match ends in a draw between the two bladers.

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In round two, after Hikaru resonates with Helios, Free goes head to head with the young blader. When Hikaru begins to falter in their clash, Valt intervenes with Brave Swor ending the match.

In episode 9Free's first meeting with Lain Valhalla is shown. During his trip to New York, Free was asked to battle Lain by Shuwho was hoping battling a Legendary Blader would change his student's violent approach to Beyblade.

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Unfortunately, Free lost to Lain's overwhelming power, and the rookie would learn nothing from the match. Number one Blader in the world, Free De La Hoya is a Blader for the Raging Bulls after transferring from the team where his career began, BC Sol.

He often claims that battling is only fun when you win; lucky for him, he always does. He improves his mental and physical strength by reaping the benefits of meditative training. Because of his genius, Free walks a lonely road, still believing enjoyment comes only from victory.

Free De La Hoya was once a solitary prodigy who stood alone at the top of the Blading world. This Blading legend almost forgot how to enjoy battling, until Valt Aoi taught him friendship and the true meaning of fun. As kids, Kristina and Free were close to each other. They always used to battle each other when they were kids.

Kristina always cared about Free, and they had a positive relationship. An example of this is when Free had injured himself and Kristina helped him retrieve his Bey, showing how she worries about his health. Free never thought much of Valt when they first met.

Kristina explained how he held his own against Lui Shirosagi in the final battle of the Individual Tournament, but Free explained: "a loss is a loss in my book".

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However, after seeing Valt's Spring AttackFree noticed that Valt wasn't as bad as he thought. The two remained on good terms with each other since then; and before leaving to join the Raging BullsFree gave Valt permission to use his special bey stadium hidden in the forest. It was later revealed that Free believed Valt had the potential to make BC Sol a better team, which was one of the reasons why he left.

Towards the end of season 2, when he was forced to forfeit their match in the International Blader's Cup due to injury, Free admitted to Valt that even though he lost, he still had fun, having finally understood what he meant.

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In Beyblade Burst TurboFree and Valt are still on good terms with one another, evidenced by when Free warned him about Aiger Akabane 's possessed behavior, and later offered to help Valt master his new Turbo Valtryek V3 Zenith Evolution Bey.

Valt later attempted to avenge Free after his Geist Fafnir was destroyed by Phi in a battle. In Beyblade Burst Surge, he and Valt still in good terms with each other, and when Free met the Hizashi brothers, he battled them.

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His behavior changed after he saw them use their full power and remembered the loss he suffered to Lain ValhallaShu?s former student, which concerned Valt. During the Legends Festival, he was willing to team up with anyone, even Lui Shirosagi, who he defeated back in Evolution. When Free and Joshua met, they were good friends. They were also on the same team and remained on good terms.

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However, when Joshua lost to Silas Karlisle and then Valt Aoi, Free was disappointed and left the team. When they battled, later on, Joshua's new move, Guard Twist stopped Free's Drain Spin, much to Free's shock.

However, Joshua was overconfident and lost the battle.

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Silas had the most potential of beating Free but never won. Free also noticed Silas's skills and thought he was a good blader.

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After the International Blader's CupSilas was promoted to the Big Fivealong with Free, Valt, Lui, and Shu Kurenai. Silas has gone as far as reverse spin steal to beat him. Free had never shaken hands with anyone until Shasa Guten.

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