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Ginger hair or any colored hair will look absolutely beautiful in ducktail haircuts.

Ducktail Haircut For Men - Ducks Arse Hair

This is the most wonderful haircut that you will ever see among ducktail haircuts. The hair from the sides has been faded to skin and the hair on the top has been kept long for further styling.

Considering it's a variation of the classic slicked back hair, it's somewhat fitting there's a few terms gentlemen call it. Though, all mean the same thing of course. Most commonly the ducktail reigns king or D.A. for short which stands for ducks arse and duck's ass, though some will call it the duck's tail too   The D.A. (short for Duck's Ass) was the haircut of the s for cool white males. Formed by combing the hair back on the side of the head and holding it with place with hair grease (hence the term greasers), the hairstyle was created by Philadelphia barber Joe Cirella in and took off when it was worn by television, movie and musical   Ok greasers, and rockabillys this video is long overdo. How to do the famous duck tail, duck's ass hairstyle. Please like, share, comment, favorite, subscrib Author: Kryptic Art

Usually, the ducktail effect takes place at the bottom of the hair. But, you can try to create a central part right from the top to the bottom. It will add a new dimension to the ducktail haircuts.

You will get the charm of gorgeous ducktail hair with an undercut. Just make sure that the ducktail effect is created perfectly to resemble the conventional ducktail haircuts. Comb the frontal hair nicely to the back, down and sideways so that the hair creates a ducktail on the back side.

Be cautious to make a central part at the midpoint.

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And the hair from the sides is trimmed so nicely making a smooth transition with the hair on the top. Tony Curtis ducktail hairstyle Tony Curtis is an American actor born June 3, At birth, his name was Bernard Schwartz but changed this to the screen name Tony Curtis in when he moved to Hollywood. At the age of 23, he was quickly discovered and awarded a contract with Universal Pictures.

Early films include a role as a rumba dancer in the film Criss Cross for which he did not even receive a credit and the role of a bigoted convict who was chained to Sidney Poitier in the movie The Defiant Ones for which he was given an Oscar nomination.

Seeing Curtis wearing his hair this way prompted Elvis Presley to adopt the same hairstyle.

A ducktail is achieved by combing the hair on the sides of the head to the back so that the two sides meet in the middle of the back of the head. Wearing a ducktail came to be a sign of rebellion. Every hairstyle demands hard work and toils.

The most efficient way to get this haircut is to guide the hair in the specific direction. Only training the hair rightly and regularly can help you get the perfect ducktail hairstyles.

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Of course, hair styling gel is a must in this regard. We would love your feedback.

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Just know this is a high maintenance look which requires a lot of grooming to keep it looking sharp. For the best results, a thick full head of hair with a medium-long length sides is ideal.

Remember, your sides so go beyond your ears when combed back. Go ahead and apply that, then comb the sides backwards till the meet together in the center of your neck.

When you look in the mirror you should see a part that starts at the top of your head all the way down to the nape, aka your neck line. Do so by finding the center then slicking down the top of your head down towards the nape of your neck.

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Keep in mind, if you need more hair just go ahead and pull it in from the sides. Your email address will not be published.

  A ducktail haircut is a popular haircut style for men that were very popular in the s. This haircut is also well known as a duck's tail. Other people call it a duck's arse or duck's ass. This hairstyle is described as a slicked-back hairstyle, too. In this style, the hair is pomaded and then combed back around the sides The duck ass style was typically longer than the traditional "short-back-and-sides" of the normal fifties men's haircut, although it is virtually straight-laced by comparison to today's styles. The hair at the nape was usually grown to at least 1-to/2 inches in length and would be combed back on each side toward the center back and Duck's Ass Hairline Q: Hey. I've got a duck's ass hairline at the back, also naturally thin and wavy/curly hair. I have no problems styling the front or sides, but I've got long hair at the back. One side is a lot thicker than the other
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