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It was indeed not waterproof. Big chance the storm would blow her right into the sea. hopefully she woud wake up before sharks smelled the blood on her. and Fin has neither of these things. Fin quickly turns the tables on her, and her aggression and jealousy amuses Kamy so much that she does the same with Fin's boyfriend. Kamy was beyond the flirtations and deviant looks at this point, at least alone when the girls could just be girls.

She leaned in then and kissed her full on the lips, far more sensual then anyone would expect from the outrider, letting it pull but linger before popping happily back. Before she slipped away. Her eyes glittered and quite literally turned greener. Oh yeah? How nice for you," she shoots back and falls into step to follow her through the trees, pushing limbs gently out of the way. Kamy sunk an arm into hers so they might walk like school girls, licking where her lip had bruised from that chomp and pulling her to the bridge.

Most tended to use this one sparingly, a careful step here and there. Kamy walks upon it full force, naturally taking to its bouncing sways and creaking protests without hesitation. Fin delights in their raping of the bridge. So what if they pingponged off and flew into the river? She was filled with this dangerous rush of adrenaline and unconcern, driving her steps onto the planks all punk rock style.

Hipbumps and rowdy hollers. ain't that somethin'. I don't know, man," her tune changing some. I just wish they were all -around- more. I got shit to ask! You know? Th'fuck am I supposed to do? Build a doghouse next to the cabin and be all, 'Bark Bark lemme in'? Kamy laughed when Fina bounced upon the bridge recklessly. She had just been walking like normal but it didn't mean she didn't appreciate the recklessness of it.

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She laughed when her foot nearly lost it but the book she held was clutched tight, quick to run free from its swaying surface. Would probably collapse on the next person who crossed it carefully. She reached out and took Fina by the belt, dragging her back to hook a knee between her thighs.

Serafina spun back towards Kamy by her own momentum and the Dreg's own tug of Fin's belt. While that nose ran along her jawline, it drew out a loose growl, like something had just broken and was crashing down over their heads. Harder than she'd pulled on the woman before. Her hand would try to pin her throat, her hips, Kamy's pelvis, while her free would skate over her clothing, into bindings and straps, sensually fast.

that key. Dylon sent his boots into the dirt to stop on the sudden appearance of the girls, it was still a chocolatey-clustery-headfuck for the guy to process. Shit, every time he thought he got a handle on the situation there it was, the diagram.

The scissoring of fingers that explained how the two girls ended up, that enough was a struggle, what did you do? What the fuck were you meant to do?! Jack off? Raise that questioning brow to your girlfriend? The answer like all things in life were sometimes obvious, maybe it was Kamy's nose into Fin's face.

That image alone made him think of their bed, they were going to need a bigger boat. Chin up and spark up. When he was about to raise his head to speak he stopped, why ruin the moment with a hello. Instead, the man just stood there enjoying the remains of that cigarette held between his fingers. Kamy squealed when she went down, a very unusual noise for a Dreg to make but she was unraveling fast in the private company of Finn, her dark predatory facade that kept her fat and alive in the outpost abandoned for something far more girly.

She couldn't stop laughing when Fina pinned her, hips lifting the girl off the ground with a thrust of her core, enjoying the site of those freckled swells bouncing.

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Kamy sighed when the girl's hands easily parted the handmade top from her chest, knuckled persed beneath leather and feathers. She nodded at the assessment. I am tired of sharing you with him anyway" she stated rather boldly, unusual since she'd always liked Dylon from afar. She unbuckled Fina's pants and shimmied them down. ug why don't you ever wear skirts I do," she snarked.

for you. I make it hard. Since talking hadn't gotten her far, she'd scythe through with force. Hi Dylon. Her aim to drive them over the woman's head so she could use her free to keep searching. Dylon sent those arms of his to fold across that chest of his, as that weight of his frame shifted from one foot to another.

Yes, really

Just like that, something got that back of his up, a instinctual reaction to double taking on hearing Kamy's words, were they about him? and what was this fucking key?!. That figure of his turned side on then, yanking the cigarette from his lips harshly as his eyes bored down upon the air while that smoke wielding hand rested up against his chest.

Maybe it was the twitch of his left cheek and the billow of smoke that was the sign of a vented thought. When that hello came from Fin that head jerked in a greeting nod before stilling. The book was off to the side, Kamy's hand had carefully set it aside even in the collapse, perhaps indicating she had more control then she'd let on. It was her error to think Fina was only playing however, the surprise obvious when the girl snatched her wrists and pinned them to the earth.

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She'd lost her chance to truly resist, arms flexing with the push but only coming an inch off the grass. She snarled when the girl started searching her for real, pleased at least that Fina would have a hard time finding it considering the position.

Hips popped her up again. she gave it to me! Mind holding her down for me? Fin let out a victorious " Serious, she was, was Kamy's own fault for digging at her jealousy. I -know- she gave them to you that's th'fucking point," she growled, a touch smoother.

As her hand roamed the woman, sliding over hip, scooping a buttock and here, she'd grin at her, tongue held at her tooth up, exploring behind her thigh, then her arm bands, she offered a similar suggestion. Yes, Dylon. Why don't you help hold her down for me.

And stop laughing, you're gonna make this harder," she grumbled. It wasn't often Dylon got to break up two girl's who were getting hot and heavy over a game of hide and go fucking seek.

Though as he stood there towering over both of them that look of his went to the bridge, blinking at it swayed in the light breeze. A grimace of pain fell upon his face for a moment, sending a hand against that jacket to palm lightly the spot under his ribs.

Kamy was sulking HARD that her key was stolen, tempted to bash Fina upside the head and take it back which was likely the sensible thing to do. But that would just be petty, no way she was giving her the gratification of fighting for it back. Of course she'd forgotten all about taking her wrist phone. She looked around for something to take while the girl was doubled over.

She looked up at Dylon as he held her, watching him with a devious sneer. She broke from his grasp with a yank, leaping up and jumping on him with intensive vertical. His weight might hold her but she'd hit him hard, knees grasping his ribs with a crushing squeeze, her lips just smashed upon his. She'd grip the back of his head, sure he'd resist at first, but an insistant roll of her head and a thrust of her tongue within his stubbled lips was downright lewdly performed. Eyes hung to the corners of her gaze,watching for Fina's reaction.

Fin gave him a wriggling eyebrow, like wasn't she just the cockiest bully, mowing down the smartass nerd as she left school with her lunch money and favorite paperback clutched to her chest. She watched that slide of her tongue to his, their mouths open and grasping as if she was being treated to a close-up of a cinematic still. She gawped and then glowered, pissed off like a firecracker.

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HEY," she bared her teeth jealously and clamored to her feet, standing next to them and hovering as she tried to think fast. You fight mean and fair. Oo, a gust of wind! Lost balance, Dylon was too busy distracted on looking to Fin when Kamy's body launched at him.

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By the time that back of his hit the dirt she was already upon his ribs, her squeeze, sending that bandage around his side to tighten, ripping open the stitches to the wound that caused him to growl. Well he would of growled, if it wasn't for Kamy's tongue shoved between his lips.

A arm came up to his side to try and elbow the Dreg's face out of his to at least giving him some breathing room. Kamy's eyes lit up at the insult, not sure if the girl was just being clever or if she actually knew that elephant was one of the translations to her name.

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She came off gasping when he elbowed her chin off his mouth, the wet POP of their lips disconnecting leaving her just as breathless. She sat atop Dylon and glared back at her. You could kiss a lot of people! In truth there weren't many she'd be jealous over, maintaining the share and share alike concept. She watched the key dangle with an unfair unf. I fish those waters freckle pussy! She'd rip those pants open with impressive skill, born from skinning animals but it worked here too.

She shoved a hand down his pants, far more gentle then the kiss in grasping his shaft and trying to forcefully coax it hard and free.

Fin STOMPED so hard dirt kicked and coughed and she left a deep imprint. GodDAMN it Kamy! Last thing I'm going to do is give you the satisfaction of turning me into a whining mall rat not getting her fucking ice cream cone at the food court. She'd whirled to find her mid-pants rip and growled. She's -livid- a boiling anger baking from her skin, breasts heaving with a racing pulse. lay there, Dylon," she remarks lowly, a sneer touching her lip.

She keeps the chesspiece though, and moves aside. The week has just taken a turn for the strange, it was starting to feel like Dylon had dropped acid, again. In twenty four hours he had gone through the motions of violence and all the way to jealousy of seeing Kamy upon his girlfriend, his Fin. Now he was sat there, hand clutched to his side while looking to Fin, by the time it registered on what Kamy was doing her hand was around around his shaft, gripping up his length.

That hard on was going to prove more than difficult, blood was already seeping through the side of his jacket, that was something no man had managed to quite maintain, shit, it was like telling your body to multi-task without having control. cock" Words hissed through gritted teeth.

As he found himself sandwiched between the girl's power play, but what a sandwich!. Kamy didn't feel bad for the man at all, hardly even letting him factor in. He had kicked her in the cunt after all. She felt the key slip between her butt cheeks and smiled victoriously. Hands came off his meat and she stuck them in the air in victory. She watched Fina and just found the anger pouring from the woman absolutely sexy. She reached out and tried to snatch the girl's belt as Dylon had done.

This whole thing was so ridiculous and it certainly didn't escape Kamy. She'd try to pull at the back of the girl's knees while yanking her down back on top of Kamy. The arms of a wrestler would try to wrangle the angry girl in for another kiss, falling over Dylon and churning her ass upon him like a bar stool.

give me my prize Fin had moved off, too far away to be grabbed, and when Kamy's hand reaches for her, Fin strikes her palm with a boot, hard enough to shove her back, not hard enough to hurt. Was going to give it back anyway, asshole. With my record the rangers would be all scowly tellin' me I don't play nice.

Then I'd -never- get one. What's in there, a hot- JESUS DYLON! Just gonna FUCK her right there in'frunna me? Dylon tried to clutch for his jeans the moment Kamy's hand released from his prick. Once again he would try to shift himself back, a hand sliding over his jacket that came up with a smear of blood.

She should be so fuckin lucky Kamy rolled her eyes at Fina's tantrum, climbing off Dylon with a jump and fishing the key from her ass, one eye going crooked as she had to fish deep to get it. She produced it just in time to get struck on the ass, a small leap in Fina's direction.

it worked did it not? She was already fucking the sister and the brother, was she going to hit the boyfriend too? Did you think to ask? Fin snapped shut a plastic lighter and tossed it in the creek. She sucked a full drag of the rolled cigarette's herbal shit and cut her eyes hard to them both, him laying there even as Kamy bounds off to join her. Oh god. Please stop. Please don't fuck me.

Get off. And your cock is still out, holmes. The anger's dimmed leaving her in dry unconcern. Yes I still love you. And no. I didn't ask. thought of it yes, but they're as hard to run into like a priest in a whorehouse.

Actually, no. Not that hard! Breathed long and slow as Dylon was finally free from the pressures of Kamy's body, this would be the moment to gather yourself, instead he listened to the girl's exchange of quips at each other before that rogue cigarette of Fin's landed right into lap, hitting the open fly of his jeans to send a shower of sparks over his crotch.

Never had a man stood up so fast with the self harming need of slapping his cock and balls. Ridding himself of the burning glows " ARGH FUCK SA Kamy choked back a laugh when she flicked the cig at Dylon's crotch, a lazy smile as she just inhaled upon the aggressive pheromones coming off the feisty girl. the damage we would cause She knew the girl was pissed at her but just enjoyed it all the more. She hooked thumbs from her belt and swayed beside her, annoying little hip checks popped into the girl to provoke her further.

it does not seem like such a big deal Fin spared him a glance. Was that smell the whistling burn of Her narrow shoulders jump with a smirk, and she gathers her hair to the other side of her neck, rounding her long spine in a wide hipcheck in return. She held power in her hips and back, moreso than arms and legs, even as bony as they sometimes felt to be.

Don't think it would be. but stopped herself. Instead, she glanced to Kamy, then back at Dylon. She wasn't even sure if Kamy had successfully "brought the cock home to roost", and wasn't even sure it mattered at this point. I'm going to. buy some birth control. For -everyone-," she adds. Dylon kept that hand locked to his side as he looked at the pair of girls.

a big bag of fuckin troubles Fuckin hell I get the impression I'm goin to have to get used to you wait wait you're not on birth control now? She eyed Dylon with a soft sneer at his comment, reaching out to hang on Fina like he was going to take a picture of them.

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You should be happy there is someone like me in her life" she explained. Fin remains unimpressed by Dylon, and though Kamy didn't get off scoff-free either, she's neither angry nor pleased with them both. There's a strange resignation she feels - she wasn't even sure she'd be the jealous type - never thought she had that kind of possession in her.

It's there, but it rears its furious head with no warning. For now, she's just left with a dull, faint soundtrack in her mind, some rhythm in her head that's sweeping distance between her and her friends. The dreads thwapping her in the face bring a funny wincing smirk, and she moves between them, arm around either one of their backs. As close as they are, her mind is to those elsewhere thoughts and music. Mm, no, not now," she murmurs. Note: The ensuring story is explicit about sex while this image is not.

Consider yourself warned and do not read further if you do not like to read about sex. One thing I've enjoyed doing with Bella is going dancing. Sometimes, she likes to dress in black, and as she did for an early encounter of ours.

This was one of those times. I met her in front of Planet QoS and smiled to myself when I saw her. She was wearing her hair short, with dark eye makeup and sexy, dark lips. Her dress was a tight, low-hanger, fitting her figure in such a way that made me swallow hard. Sexy stockings stopped below the hem of her dress, and her black high heels were shiny and spiked.

She looked beautiful and sexy, and I felt underdressed. I took her hand and led her into the club. The place was hopping, loud music, lots of people, but she leaned in close and told me she wasn't fond of the crowd and would only look at me.

We got into the dancing pretty quickly amidst a throng of people. We danced very close together. After a time of touching each other furtively, she turned her back to me, grinding her firm and perfect ass into me, her back pressed into my chest.

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I leaned down and licked her ear, kissing her neck. I slid my hand down to her belly, rubbing her, pulling her into me. I whispered loudly into her ear, "you are driving me crazy. She slid her hand around behind her and started rubbing my bulge in my pants.

She leaned her head back and called back to me, "you want me now, Daddy, or do you want to wait until I make a puddle on the floor? She turned to face me, pressing her breasts into my chest, hand lazily rubbing my thigh but sometimes finding its way to my stiffening cock swelling inside my pants. If it weren't for the throng of people all around us, I would have been nervous that she was being too obvious. All the time.

I'll let you take me on the floor, right now," she said, and then she licked her lips and squeezed my cock through my pants. I slid my hand down to her ass, pulling her into me, and responded "You want to get fucked in front of all these people? Her eyes lit up and she replied, "Yes, Daddy I looked around. I felt the heat between us and started to sweat. I caught sight of a deep chair on the edge of the dance floor.

The dance floor - no I didn't think we could get away with that, but She seemed disappointed as I led her through the crowded dance floor to the chair. I settled into the chair with her in my lap and she pouted, "we can't fuck on the dance floor? I put my neck to her ear and softly nibbled, whispering loud and hot "you really make me want to break all the rules, don't you? I found her panties and started to rub her slit through them. She was clearly quite wet already.

I mouthed her ear, rubbing her slit through her panties and whispered loudly "make me want to fuck you regardless of how many people are standing right around us. She pushed my hand more firmly into her with her hand, moaning "Mmmmhmmm Dadddy, show them what they cant have I slipped my tongue into her ear and sucked the lobe, rubbing her slit until I could feel the moisture soak through.

I flipped her panties to one side and began to rub her lips, finding her to be wet enough that her lips moved easily. She closed her eyes and I slipped two fingers between her lips, then thrust them into her wet insides.

Her face contorted and she threw her head back, loudly moaning "Fuck me, Daddy! I quickly responded, sliding her down into the soft chair, rolling her skirt up to bare her wet pussy and askew panties. I unbuckled my belt and opened my pants, my hard cock breathing in the hot air of the club.

I had no eyes on anyone around us, only eyes for the beautiful, sex-crazed chick in front of me. I spread open her legs and placed my cock at her entrance, her legs on either side of me. I felt the heat of her pussy as I wriggled it around her lips, bathing my cockhead in her juices. Then I shoved it into her hard, growling "I'll take that pussy of yours! Her eyes flickered for a moment and then opened again, locking onto mine.

She licked her lips and hissed, "take it, Daddy! I leaned over her and kissed her, grabbing her lip for a moment with my teeth, then thrusting my tongue into her mouth while my cock plunged time and time again into her tight wet hole.

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She grabbed my head and pulled herself up to kiss and bite my neck, then screamed out in passion. She howled into my ear "fuck me fuck me hard and deep then cum in me so everyone knows I'm yours!

I grabbed her legs and put them up over my shoulders. Her walls closed in on my cock in this position and I grunted with each thrust. Her heels wobbled around my ears as I folded her in half, pumping, pounding, bouncing her into the chair. The straps of her dress fell down and she wriggled her breasts free.

One sight of them made me drool, panting, "Bella, you hot fuck I slammed in deep, cock throbbing. Her legs started to shake. I felt her pussy churning and that sent me over the top. I slammed in, hard, freezing inside her quaking pussy as my hot load emptied into her cumming hole. We sat there, dimly aware how many people had watched that display of passion.

We could only look into each other's eyes. Photo taken at Planet QoS. This photo was taken a few years ago, we were at home with some friends and as you can see, she was wearing that short denim dress that I love. If you had read the description of te photos, at some photos, I had wrote about a friend that I think he likes her, and for example, I had caught him talking and taking photos of her.

Well, that friend is the one sitting at her left. For example, he took us a photo where we are seated at the river where she is wearing a denim miniskirt, tan pantyhose and white panties; at the wedding where she was wearing black dress with black panties, I caught him talking and taking some photos of her, at one moment I review his phone and I found some upskirt photos of her with her black panties maybe later I will share them This day I could see how he was looking at her everytime.

This dress always make me horny, because is a short tight denim dress, and always when she sits she shows her panties, or when she bend over her butt gets exposed, or when she goes upstairs at the mall, for example, but I often didn't tell her because I don't want her to felt embarrased. Later that night, when our friends left, I told her that she was showing her panties, and how horny was I, and I showed her this photo, she felt pretty ashamed, but I told her that doesn't matter because they only can watch, but I can watch, touch, kiss, lick and fuck her, so I started kissing her on her lips, then her neck and her breathing became faster and her legs were slowly opening so I put my hand between them, over her pantyhose, until I found a hole on them and I stick a finger to get to her white cotton panty.

I could feel that her panty was a little wet so, with the finger I pulled her panty aside and put my finger in her wet warm pussy until she had the first orgasm then I took off her pantyhose and panties and I started licking her pussy and her clit for a while until she cum again, her pussy was really tasty and wet.

Then we both took our clothes off, she she get over me in 69 position and she was sucking me and I was licking her until we both cum. Whilst awaiting company the other night, the camera snapped away some real non posed shots of me dressed and ready as a good gurl should be when she is in company and entertaining.

New black dress with gold beltblack fully fashioned stockings and beautiful new gossard lingerie set from an admirer - more to follow of the full lingerie set whilst i got ready. Completed with anklet, red nails and lips and Louboutin heels. Hope you enjoy xx.

This dress reminds me of pink cotton candy. The sleeves are puff, see through, and trimmed in lace. Men wear cuffs, no man could wear this for a blouse. Silk slip and lining. Deep ruffles. The top is scoop neck, low cut.

The belt is shining little girl ribbon, tied in a pussy cat bow.

I never wear metal. Its not soft. Well folks, now see who's here! Val the slut is back again and it seems she is in real trouble this time. See and read Episode 1 here: www. The train was rattling on with its usual shaking and screeching. For some reason the lights were off in Vals wagon, but she didnt care. She even liked the warm cozy darkness now.

For the first minutes she had been sitting with her arms protectively crossed before her jugs, her thighs tightly clamped together just for in case that someone would board her wagon.

But that didnt happen and so she had fully relaxed, leaning back in her seat, one leg propped up on the opposite seat, her charms fully in view. The train had passed 3 stations already but it was still a long way to go and Val sat there fantasizing about what would happen should she find that girl at the party at 'Two Mound Square'.

Hard to get eh?

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I guess its much better to forgive her real quick and There was much crossing and squeezing of her thighs and even a finger so deliciously rubbing the fishnet against a nipple, making it tingle and stiffen, there were some soft sighs and some muted lusty gurgling coming from where she sat And then just as she was gazing into the cozy darkness, she saw a movement.

Or so she thought. Something dark moving like a piece of cloth or a curtain or something? She was so surprised that she didnt change her slightly lascivious pose for several seconds, but then her body tensed and she quickly slid her leg from the opposite seat and straigthened up, her eyes trying to pierce the darkness. And there is was again! A faint movment of something dark and this time a slurring of feet?

And it seemed to come towards her! Val straightened in her seat, her thighs clenching, one arm protectively draped over her breasts, eyes squinting as a dark, somewhat bulky form seemed to emerge from the shadows and still advancing! Val cleared her throat and emitted a somewhat naive 'Hey! Are you ok?!! A human form allright, probably clad in a slightly waving cloak, its face hooded or masked. Thats all she could make out with the exception of one slightly twinkling eye. One eye? This was too much for our heroine, she slid to the edge of her seat, ready to bolt, but there was a soft kind of whirr and a movement from the 'thing' in front of her and a kind of low chuckle and then she saw a cyberhand, wiggling a definitely huge phallic object at her!

Val froze and in that split second of freezing she saw herself strapped to a stretcher, heard a medic saying 'god, the poor girl! And then the panic button in her head switched and she was up on her feet with a shriek and just bolted! Alas our sweet Val didn't realize that she had boarded the last car of the train and that she was running - or rather stumbling on her so high heels - towards it's end. But that realization came soon enough, when she bumped into the last - locked - door, when she saw the rails rushing by below her, when she frantically pulled at that door, which made no sense, but sense was just not what guided Val at this moment.

She swivveled around, her heart beating up to her throat, eyes widened in fear, her stomach churning. The dark form had just followed her quietly, so damn confident in its allure, so knowing that Val was cornered, that Val would go nowhere at all! Val pressed her back against the door, the form wiggled that huge rubber phallus at her again, Val pleadingly threw up one arm, her voice a screechy whimper: 'Uhnoooo pleaaaase, pleaaaaseeee!

don't DO this to me!! I bet in some minutes you will be begging for this'. Val stared at the robot eye, at the phallus, her mind started to fill with black horror haze, could this be one of the creatures from the outposts in space?

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Val could not take her eyes from that one twinkling eye of the creature and then 'it' started to push back the hood that covered its head.

Omg, looks like this time our Val is in real trouble. Learn more about which horrors are to be unleashed on our heroine soon! Helena is the capital city of the U. state of Montana and the county seat of Lewis and Clark County. The census put the population at 28, and the Lewis and Clark County population at 63, Helena is the principal city of the Helena Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Lewis and Clark and Jefferson counties; its population is 74, according to the U.

The hungry delicacy of her cheekbones and chin. I was able to faithfully reconstruct her without too many uncomfortable compromises. Except for one thing I had gotten used to a plethora of tattoo layers to make her look Her face and body told a story. She had dark circles under her eyes from a mostly nocturnal life. Her misspent youth whiled away in seedy punk clubs, drinking and smoking to excess.

She had a tracery of blue veins visible beneath her pale, sun-starved flesh. She had gnarly body bruises and abrasions from rollerderby accidents. The occasional scar or lovebite for spice. And let's not forget about the makeup! Tons and TONS of slap; loud, bright, wild streaks of war-paint meant to play off her insane outfits, her tropical-parrot dyed hair, or sometimes just a particularly gaudy pair of boots. I mean, there were times I had her in at least a dozen different eye and lip makeups layered on at once.

So, now, here I am, suddenly met with this mesh body and head which maxes out at 2 or 3 onionskin layers and, well, you can see the dilemma. Bruises or veins? Stretch marks or cellulite? Tattoos or nah? And forget about the face! Having to choose between a greasy, screaming, acid-green smear of eyemakeup tamed with a perfectly-executed flick of liquid liner, or forgoing one or the other for my beloved shadowy eye-bags was helland I don't think I'm being overly-dramatic when I say that.

I'd swap back and forth between appliers, shoving them into HUD save-slots to re-layer once they got knocked off, and I was never really satisfied with the results. She'd have her eccentric makeup choices neatly in place, albeit, a tamed-down version of them, but underneath was this disturbingly flawless skin. I didn't recognize that insipidly pretty face, and what's worse, I didn't like it. Runt was never, ever meant to be perfect.

She just looked all wrong. I didn't realize how much the lack of choice fucked with me until bakes-on-mesh came along. I had taken a long break from SL over the summer, and found I didn't really miss it.

When I came back, I had a ton of projects on my mind, friends to reconnect with, and a lot of re-organizing to do, so, of course I overdosed, which only made me want to flee from it more.

Until Firestorm released their BoM viewer, of course. I'll admit, I logged in with a curiosity that felt more like a sense of duty than anything truly fun. I dug around in the depths of my inventory until I found an old skin that mapped the planes and valleys of a mesh it was never made for acceptably enough. I frowned at all the places it didn't.

Areolas smeared to a pink blur.

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Fingers and toes with nailbeds stretched beyond all recognition. Body shading that didn't quite match up with the peaks and hollows of my physique.

I cursed the inability to use my fairly recently-acquired skin that had fit everything so well before. Mapping issues aside, the details of the face looked a bit dated, too. This wasn't going at all well. But then I found those I don't know what it was, but something about putting on these thick, bold, black eyebrows that had traveled with me over several skins, chosen specifically so long ago for their ferocity, unlocked some kind of joy in me.

That wry, sarcastic face from the past suddenly smirked at me like; 'Sup bitch? Remember me? By the time I found my haggard, sleep-deprived little eye-bags, I was gone. Way gone, daddy-o. And it was that good, old, pure love of early SL. Vintage love. That love I didn't think I'd get back, because I thought the magic was gone. The love that literally built the Dastardly Twins. Once I'd finally got Runt's baseline texture sorted out, I started exploring all those old tattoo layer makeups, and I discovered something else; cosmetic creators were really ballsy back in the day!

Some of this stuff was really out there. You know, kind of Lots of deep, rich, raccoon-eyed shadows smeared on with a heavy hand. It made me realize how conservative things had gotten in recent years. I did a deeper dive and found that a lot of the more innovative makeup designers from back then appeared to be, sadly, out of the game. Nuuna, which offered some truly arresting costume-style makeups that covered whole sections of the face in some really intense colors was long gone, though some really cool stuff still exists on the marketplace.

Glamorize, who offered super-affordable and brilliant things like modular eyemakeup kits where you could build from a selection of different colored bases and add your choice of cut-crease and browbone accent, or sheer lip glosses that painted just the center of the lip, meant to be layered over lipcolors, adding interest and dimension.

Would You Send Your Kids to Fat Camp? - I Know What You Weighed Last Summer - Only Human

And Mock, who somehow mastered the art of creating makeups that didn't mask out the skin beneath it, yet still had amazing and intense color payoff. Not to mention how sensationally those cosmetics blended with others! Mocksoup Gravesif you're out there, and I know you are, because you randomly burst out with excitement in the group chat one day declaring the joys of BoM before I had discovered it myself, I hope you're thinking about coming back!

While my favorite Mock creation might always be her Adam Ant style warpaint stripes how I missed those! That might have been the most orgasmic of all the folders I rediscovered, I think.

They're these heavy, color-rich, smoked-out eyeshadows that look a little worn-in, like you partied too hard and then slept in them. They look a little reckless, careless, messy and dangerous.

Very Runt, and punk af. I feel like punk used to be a much more prevalent fashion genre in the early years of SL. Once upon a time, creators wouldn't think about releasing a pair of Doc Marten boots or Converse high tops without including some beat-up versions in their HUDs.

Tights and other hosiery always came with a ripped and shredded option. Jackets could be found patched with electrical tape, and feathers and fun-fur accessories were abundant.

And where have all the mohawks gone?! Top hair creators had whole mohawk sections in their stores back then! Is punk dead in SL? When did everything get so clean and safe? Anyway, I digress. My point is that I think bakes-on-mesh might be the most exciting ate to SL in years. Shit, possibly ever!

The refined physical articulation of bento was a massive breakthrough, but with bakes-on-mesh, now we can really own it. It feels like customization is back in the hands of the user again, not to mention the freedom it gives creators! I really hope both camps take that ball and run with it. Let's get crazy! Let's get messy! Let's get weird! Look, I'm not shitting on pretty. If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful. It's nice. I'm just saying that pretty never worked for me as Runt.

Runt is a reckless and untamed creature. Runt is out here flailing around on rollerskates and banging into stuff, scattering glitter everywhere and wearing too much makeup because she wishes every day was Halloween, snagging her tights and scuffing her boots up, staying up too late and having too much to drink and dancing like a maniac.

I needed her to look like it, and once again, thankfully, she can.

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Almost, but not quite, so this photo is actually rated G. Some people are intimidated by transsexuals like me because many of us have played on both sides of the fence over the years and have a rather broad view of human sexuality.

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Madonna Accidentally Exposes Teenage Fan's Breast on Stage. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Reveal Baby News, Paris Hilton. Savannah Chrisley Confirms She and Ex Nic Kerdiles Are Back Toge. Britney Spears Says Fans Only Know 'Half the Story' of Her Conse. Beyonce Talks Fame, Teases New Music in Rare Interview. Jason Momoa Talks 'Aquaman 2,' Sweet Girl' and Dad Life Exclusi.

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