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Students need to be clear about a whole host of things: from their role, to the purpose of the task and the parameters of expected outcomes to name but a few. Teachers need to keep groups on track, intervene appropriately to improve learning and regularly regain student focus.

Teachers have a pivotal role in guiding the group work at every stage. So here it is, my entirely subjective top 10 strategies for group work that I believe to be effective ideas for which I must thank a multitude of sources :.

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Well, no-one said this top ten had to be original! This strategy is one of those techniques that we employ so readily that we can almost forget about it, it is simply so automatic for most teachers; yet, because of that we can easily forget it in our planning.

  Group work: Creating A great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge is to retrieve and synthesize information. This can be achieved by collaborating with their peers to create something new: a written piece, a song, a computer program, a piece of code, a pamphlet, an infographic, or even sample test narrativetherapyindia.comted Reading Time: 7 mins   For group work to be successful, the entire class has to be well behaved and narrativetherapyindia.comng does not work if students look at it as time to spend chatting with their classroom management situation can deteriorate quickly if steps are not taken in advance to ascertain that students know what is expected from them narrativetherapyindia.coming are several classroom management techniques to prepare your students for group narrativetherapyindia.comted Reading Time: 3 mins

We need to use it regularly because it is the very best of scaffolded learning; it almost always facilitates better quality feedback by allowing proper thinking time and for students to sound out their ideas and receive instantaneous feedback from peers. As the metaphor of the snowball suggests, you can begin with an individual response to a question; followed by then pairing up students up; then creating a four and so on.

It is a skilful way of varying group dynamics as well as scaffolding learning.

The use of group work in the classroom is one of the most widely researched and implemented teaching approaches in the world. Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of collaborative learning on academic performance, communication skills, and confidence. However, our understanding of how group work facilitates learning and why group work Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   How to Effectively Manage Group Work in the Classroom. Once you have done the all-important grouping of your students. The next step is to provide each group with a name. Giving groups their own name gives them a sense of ownership and belonging, plus it makes things a lot easier with the day to day running of group rotations in the classroom. We have a range of editable grouping posters for the classroom that you can develop and display in your narrativetherapyindia.comted Reading Time: 7 mins   Group Work Purpose. Group work is simply defined as more than one person working together to complete a task or assignment. In the classroom, group work can take many forms; however, the goal Video Duration: 7 min

As you probably know, our own inspiring leader, Michael Gove, was the President of the Oxford Union. Clearly, these ancient skills of rhetoric and debate have seen him rise to dizzying heights. Perhaps we need to teach debating with great skill if we are to produce citizens who can debate with the best of themand with Michael Gove.

The premise of a debate, and its value in enriching the learning of logic, developing understanding and the simultaneous sharpening and opening our minds, is quite obvious so I will not elaborate.

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The Oxford rules model is an essential model for the classroom in my view. It provides a clear structure and even a level of formality which is important, provide coherence and greater clarity to the debate.

The rules, familiar steps though they are for many, are as follows:. The speaker can accept or reject an interjection. You may wish to have the other groups work as feedback observers on the debate being undertaking a little like Socratic circles - number 8.

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This has the benefit of keeping the whole class engaged and actively listening to the debate. I have to admit I have only ever undertaken project style work on a small scale, but in the last year I have been startled by the quality of work I have observed in project based learning across the world.

The principals of Project Based Learning are key: such as identifying real audiences and purposes for student work a key factor in enhancing motivation ; promoting interdependent student work, often subtly guided by the teacher at most stages; letting students undertake roles and manage the attendant challenges that arise; learning is most often integrated and spans subject areas; and students constructing their own questions and knowledge.

Truly the best guide is to survey these great examples:. The Innovation Unit has also produced this brilliant must-read guide to PBL in great depth here.

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It is based primarily upon the model from medicine - think Dr House although he is hardly a team player! David Didau sagely recommends that the teacher, or students in collaboration, find a specifically local problem - this raises the stakes of the task.

Clearly, in Mathematics, real problem based learning can be a central way to approach mathematical challenges in a collaborative way; in Science or Philosophy, the options to tackle ethical and scientific problems are endless. Ideally, this learning approach follows some high quality direct instruction, and teacher led worked examples, to ensure that students have effective models to work from and some of the aforementioned working memory.

They then source and research the key information, before finally agreeing to the answers to the questions they had themselves formed.

The crucial ct about presentations is giving students enough time to make the presentation worthwhile, as well as allocating clear roles.

High quality presentations take time to plan, research and execute. Personally, I find the timekeeper role a waste of time I can do that for free!

have value. Also, the teaching needs to be carefully planned so the entire presentation is not reliant solely upon any one person or piece of technology. Feedback requested! Have you used the strategies in a Tip Sheet? Do you have questions or suggestions?

Classroom group work

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Professional development. Teaching Tips for Teaching Assistants. Tips for students. Educational technologies.

The complete list of Teaching Tips. Centre for teaching excellence. After students know what is expected from them, practice.

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Put them in groups, and have them speak to each other in the tones of voices you expect. Keep in mind that your students are practicing how to participate in groups; this is their assignment.

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Now is not the time to teach a lesson on verbs. I would practice once a day for a week to make sure your students are ready to actually participate in group work.

Before you enter in to a group activity make sure your students know the consequences for not following directions. I like to make the consequence something directly related to the group work. They might have to complete the entire project on their own, for instance, if they cannot behave in group. You might want to consider having students sign behavior contracts before starting group work.

Shaping the Way We Teach English: Module 04, Pair and Group Work

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