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As Donald Kraybill explains in his book The Amish and the State, there are two kingdoms in Amish theology: the kingdom of Christ, inhabited by the Amish, and the one in which everyone else lives. To maintain the boundary between the two worlds, the Amish hold themselves apart from the secular state as much as they can.

In the mids, dozens of Amish fathers went to prison rather than agree to send their kids to public schools with non-Amish children. The community opened its own one-room schoolhouses, where the curricula ignored subjects like science and sex education.

A woman who now lives near the Amish in Ohio's Guernsey County reports that many of her neighbors weren't taught that the earth was round.

The Amish tightly circumscribe their world in other ways as well. For the most part, they don't file lawsuits, serve on juries, run for political office, or vote despite Republican efforts to enlist them in the election. The bishop is the highest clergyman in the hierarchy of each church, and he oversees two ministers and a deacon.

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Men and women propose candidates for minister and deacon, and in most districts any man with two or three nominations is considered. The "elected" clergy is chosen according to a biblical method of casting lots: each man chooses from a pile of identical hymnals, and the one who chooses the book marked with a piece of paper bearing a verse from the Bible becomes a church leader. The bishop, who is chosen the same way from a field of three ministers, has awesome authority.

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He interprets the Ordnung, the unwritten rules that govern each church district, stipulating everything from the size of a man's hat brim to the paint color on the outside of a house.

When a church member violates the Ordnung, the bishop determines the punishment. When she turned 17 three years ago, Mary Byler joined the church, as Amish adults must do. Johnny had stopped raping her when he got married in Mary thinks her new status as a church member protected her from Eli because it meant she had a duty to confess to fornication.

She tried to forget what had happened with her brothers, but she couldn't. When she was 19, Mary sought succor from her minister, Sam Mast. As she stood awkwardly in his workshop, Mast said he saw that she was "heavy-hearted. Mast suggested that she confess her sins in church. To some degree, Johnny had confessed his own a few years earlier, when he was But he admitted to fornication without saying that he had committed rape or that his victim had been his sister.

The church elders didn't probe. Bishop Dan Miller listened to Johnny's confession, and later Mast gave him the letter Mary had written. But when I spoke with him, Miller said he had "no sense of what was going on.

Johnny's punishment for his confessed sins lasted two weeks. During that period, he was shunned, the traditional Amish punishment for serious transgressions. As if sin were contagious, the community erects a metaphorical fence around the sinner.

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Johnny wasn't allowed to leave his home except to attend church. After his punishment, he returned to working in his harness shop. Mary's punishment, by contrast, lasts forever. Mast took a break from hammering in his workshop to explain the concept of excommunication to me.

When Mary left her home, she broke her vow to uphold the Ordnung.

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The Amish believe that anyone who breaks that vow is damned and must be shunned. Church members may talk to her only to admonish her to repent and return, Mast said. He stroked his full beard as he struggled for the right English words. We would have nothing to do with her.

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As for Mary's brothers, Miller declared that Johnny and Eli would be shunned for periods of four and six weeks. In the shadow of a peeling white house in Guernsey Couny, Ohio, sits a rusty shed.

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Its wooden door had swung open on an afternoon in October, revealing black letters that spelled out the name N-O-R-M-A-N B-Y-L-E-R. Now 72, Norman was diagnosed a few years ago with depression and the beginnings of dementia. A photograph of him at the time reveals thin features accented by a coarse white beard and dark, penetrating eyes.

Norman has a history of pedophilia that dates to the s, when he allegedly molested several of his eight daughters and at least one young woman outside his family. During that period, he confessed in church, repented, and was banished for four weeks. Aware of her father's problem, Norman's youngest daughter "went to great lengths to make sure he wasn't alone" with kids, said his public defender, Diane Menashe.

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Inthe daughter and her husband, Tobie Yoder, let Norman move onto their property. Four years later, the Yoders discovered that Norman was molesting three of his granddaughters, ages 3, 5, and 8. Tobie went to Bishop Moses Miller and the elders in his Swartzentruber district. That denomination falls on the most restrictive end of the spectrum from Old Order to New Order Amish.

The New Order allows brighter colored clothing and more modern appliances. Bishops like Miller actively police their congregations. The sins multiply quickly. Driving a car, using a tractor, masturbating, and drinking alcohol can all trigger the maximum six-week ban. At the same time, some Swartzentrubers make allowances, like permitting tobacco and "bed courtship": On Saturday nights in Moses Miller's district, teenage boys are allowed to steal into the rooms of girls their age. The teens are supposed to keep their clothes on, but the boy isn't expected to leave until milking time the next morning.

Many parents encourage bed courtship because it often leads to early marriages, which make young people less likely to leave the church. Moses Miller responded to Tobie Yoder's appeal by scolding Norman, who told him that in molesting his granddaughters, he was acting "no different than the cows in the field.

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But he remained out of control, so volatile that adults in the area feared for their safety. Eventually Bishop Miller took the unusual step of allowing Yoder to take his father-in-law to a hospital.

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Despite Norman's recurring problems, other bishops say they would not have made the decision that Miller did. Gilead area of Ohio's Morrow County.

Yet Levi Schwartz, who lives in Mt. Gilead, said the church's reliance on repentance failed him. In Schwartz started molesting one of his daughters.

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He kissed the girl, rubbed her, and bared himself to her until she grew old enough to date, and then he moved on to her younger sister. On a late fall night in his cavernous living room, the year-old, who has since left the Amish, talked about his past with unnerving ease while one of the daughters he molested sat on a nearby couch.

I thought that would give me grace, and the power to overcome it. Schwartz said his bishop, Eli Raber, discouraged Schwartz's sporadic attempts to get counseling. Raber declined to comment. InSchwartz's son Benjamin began touching his sisters; he confessed in church and was shunned for two weeks.

Levi Schwartz, however, was losing faith in the church's method of punishment. After one of his daughters started crying while he was molesting her, Schwartz checked himself into Oaklawn Psychiatric Hospital in Indiana. He asked the girl to pray for him, and she did.

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When Norman Byler's family sent him to Mercy Medical Center in Ohio, he received a week of counseling and was given antipsychotic medication and antidepressants, which he burned instead of taking.

Still, Yoder believes the "doctoring" helped his father-in-law. But pedophilia is a hard disease to treat. Deborah Love, an English neighbor who lived next to the Yoders, saw Norman take his 3-year-old granddaughter into his woodshed on a fall day in She knew that one of Norman's daughters had recently moved her family to Iowa after saying that Norman had asked to sleep with one of her girls.

He wasn't going to be with my daughter," Love said the woman told her. A day after Norman took the 3-year-old into his shed, Love noticed some dried blood on the girl's leg. She called Guernsey County Children's Services.

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The Amish accused Love of lying, and she said she has felt their anger. When some of the men passed her house, they raised their hats and turned them sideways to avoid looking at her. Love's husband said that one young Amish man warned him during hunting season that, "Accidents do happen, so you'd better be careful.

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Last March, a detective in Wisconsin phoned trooper Janice Wilson to tell her about statements that Mary and her family had made about rampant incest in the Amish community in which they grew up.

That community is in New Wilmington, Pa. When she started investigating, she was stunned to hear reports of extensive sexual abuse, and of births resulting from incest. Amish insiders say the problem is so common that a bishop in the area has preached against it.

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Johnny Byler said that, growing up in Lawrence County, he thought it was normal to have sex with his sister. When I asked Mary's cousin, David Wengerd, whether he had molested his sister in addition to Mary, as Mary has charged, he responded, "I'd rather not answer.

Janice Wilson and I drove through New Wilmington, past a string of buggies heading to the home of a local Amish man, who was marrying off his daughter.

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The white houses we passed had pale blue doors, the only touch of color allowed by the church. Wilson was despairing over the cases she'd been unable to crack because no victim would come forward.

Her supervisor, Lieutenant Peter Vogel, echoed her frustration, saying, "The moment we approach them as police, they shut up, the whole clan. When the police identify a perpetrator, however, their work in one sense becomes easy. The Amish ethic of confession extends to answering questions asked by outsiders. With little prompting from the detectives who questioned him, Norman Byler admitted to manually penetrating his 8-year-old granddaughter. He said that he hurt the child to get back at her father, who had refused to take Norman to the hospital to treat a torn muscle.

Most Swartzentrubers resort to Western medicine only in emergencies. Raymond Byler, Levi and Benjamin Schwartz, and Johnny, Eli, and David Byler confessed with similar readiness. Johnny and Eli were each charged with five counts of sexual assault and pleaded guilty, to two counts and one count, respectively.

David pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his little sister. In September, a month before his sentencing, Johnny said he sometimes felt suicidal and couldn't understand why he might go to prison.

As well as the sick crepe stunt, the group also planned to pour urine into barbecue sauce before serving it to four teachers judging the competition.

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Prosecutors say the gang also colluded to destroy evidence after a text message detailing the gross recipe was deleted. Each of the students will face a judge in Delaware County Juvenile court over the next three weeks.

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The boys are charged with a range of crimes - felony assault, complicity to assault and tampering with evidence. Our teachers deserve respect and kindness, and anything less than that is completely unacceptable.

They are learning an extremely hard lesson. We feel horrible for these teachers.

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We will continue to support law enforcement in every way possible. We pay for your stories!

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Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? There were also several dads who chimed into the discussion, sharing how they have approached the nudity issue with their own daughters.

One father, with one and three-year-old girls, said that he planned to stop bathing around five years old. This article originally appeared on Kidspot and was reproduced here with permission. What are the real risks of Covid in children, and when are children likely to be vaccinated against the virus?

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