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Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I'd say only do it if he is also wearing a condom, which will bring down your chances even more, but even then it's still possible. My sister's boyfriend always wore a condom but she still got pregnant that way.

Just something to keep in mind, be prepared for the consequences. I don't think it would be rude or weird at all to ask him, most guys think it's super hot to come inside their girl.

MeiYunsHusband Xper 3. Well people are afraid of the after math of sex, Which is sad in our society, if you're having enough sex, no matter what protection you use, you will have a baby, so It may not be weird to ask him, but a lot less safe, but then again most men come a little when they are in the middle of sex and it only takes one sperm to find the egg just ask him, maybe he will willing, but it's possible he will be paranoid about getting you pregnant.

Rykar Xper 2.

Talk to him about it. If you like it, then just sit it down and discuss it.

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Being open with your partner about sex is very important because it can make sex with him so much better if you can openly communicate your wants and needs! anupamagrawal opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. If you like to feel his come inside you and believes that you have taken safety measure about pregnancy - ask him so.

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A guy never likes to pull out at the time of climax - for me I would like to get dry while inside her and would love to kiss and caress her after the climax with my thing still inside her. cjwright79 2K opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. There's no such thing as safe sex, and there never will be.

arashmenalagha Yoda.

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I just cummed in my girlfriend yesterday and she had the depro vera shot one month ago! sovetskii13 Master. Why would it be weird? It's supposed to be like that from evolution. Plus, it's just an interest to find out how it feels physically and emotionally. Nothing wrong with it. its not rude to ask it when you and him are a couple its normal that you have sex and that he just come normal in side of you and that he let enjoy you it!

No it is not rude to ask him to stay in longer. I love come inside me. JennyBenny Explorer. No it wouldn't be weird or rude to ask him.

Related myTakes. Show All. Others just go on as if nothing happened. No I feel sexy, I lay there full of his cum and cuddle and make out : Sometimes round 2.

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no dude. I think you're on the wrong kind of site for this. You sound like you have a serious fetish and asking a general population of females these questions in the manner that you did is probably scaring the crap out of them.

A majority of women let guy's cum in them at some point. After a woman feels comfortable with a man she's been having sex with for a while, she will let him. I know a lot of woman in my age range that have let a guy cum in them. That's why I don't date. Yes my sister I used to go with her tonight or she was coming to my room tonight we were getting naked and I would eat her p**** and I was still going to come between your p**** lips and hunch till I come on her p**** I come over p**** more times than I did any of my wives put together everyone swimming we would go and play with a p**** in the water and onight when we got older she came into The first time i saw cum i was surprised how far it shot. I was giving my boyfriend a handjob and it shot up and hit me in the chin. I jumped back and the rest got all over one of my favorite shirts wasn't able to get the stain out. My sister said she was 13 during a sleepover at a friend's house

i just wanted to cut straight to the point. I guess being blunt didn't work. meh I'm all for being blunt. You're just so descriptive with it! No worries man. Do your thing! And did you also feel it shoot inside your pussy? Did it dribble out? is the experience more intimate when you let your man release inside you?

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Share Facebook. Girls have you ever let a guy cum in you without condom? Add Opinion. kaylaS91 9. Yup, a few times. Maybe 4 or 5 times when I was on the Nuvaring. Also, once when I was not on any type of birth-control, but we quickly went to get some Plan B no more than 20 minutes later.

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Irresponsible, I know, but we got caught up in the moment and really wanted to see what it was like for him to finish inside with no condom. As for how it feels, definitely amazing. Just knowing you're skin-to-skin feels a million times better.

More intimate as well. Teh best part is for sure when he's finishing though. I can feel him get harder and sort of twitch as I feel his cum.

I love also just letting him stay inside and cuddling like that for a bit afterwards.

Cum inside my sister

KimmyB 3K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. As far as feeling it "shoot inside" me. so I'm not sure if this answers ur q, but I can't always feel it happening, it's more often than not like, a sensation.

Like, I'll feel really really wet and much warmer when he cums. IMO, it def makes the experience more intimate, since I usually end up letting guys I trust go inside me soo, I think that makes it much closer feeling :o. EyeAmNiceGirl opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. Yes, I have. No, you don't feel it shooting, but you do feel the twitching that he does when cumming more than when he's wearing a condom.

And I suppose it could be considered more intimate, but then, if you are already naked and letting a guy put his penis inside you, that's already pretty darned intimate even if it is wrapped up with a condom. It does seem more real to do it the natural way. I'm gonna be real with you. A majority of women let guy's cum in them at some point.

We haven't met each other since then and we maybe never will. But damn, I've had many dreams about her and I think she was really kind girl. OlderThanSin Xper 1.

Crime Patrol Dastak - Ep 877 - Full Episode - 3rd October, 2018

Many years ago when I was 7, my sister was 12 and her female friend was 13, we were "camping" in our parents backyard blankets on the clotheslines. Shortly after going to bed the girls began to play with themselves. The better they felt, the bolder they got. Soon my sister's friend convinced her to play with me while playing with herself, so she did.

Not long after the friend joined in playing with me. This went on usually once a week for the rest of that summer. We never spoke of this after 3 years of playing with each other. We never had intercourse, but really enjoyed playing each other.

Today, I still get hard as a rock just thinking about it. Tanon1 Xper 1.

Not for my mom, or my grandma or two of my friends, or my aunt on my dads side, or about 12 other women in my close social groups. Before you say otherwise, my mother and grandma both were taking them properly, they both worked in the medical field and neither wanted children, granted our whole family is exceptionally fertile My girlfriend did something so hot this morning. After sex, she simply put her panties back on, got dressed, brushed her hair, put on her make-up, and left for work without even washing or even spraying deodorant. She looked perfectly presentable, though, LOL. She said that the idea of walking around all day with my cum inside turned her on My sister's boyfriend always wore a condom but she still got pregnant that way. Just something to keep in mind, be prepared for the consequences. I don't think it would be rude or weird at all to ask him, most guys think it's super hot to come inside their girl

me and my little brother used to hump. then we started humping with our pants down then one day i got on all fours and he stuck it in from behind and i jumped cuz it kind of hurt and we never did anything after that again.

we have never spoken about it but I've masturbated so many times since then. i was like 10 and he was 8. nolabels opinions shared on Sexuality topic. But I had the hots for a cousin and a second cousin.

I saw the cousin recently, and wow, the sparks were still there. BigWayneLilk Xper 1. One time I saw my sister asleep in bed while topless. Her pointy little nipples made me hard.

I pulled down my shorts and stroked my hard dick while I admired her hot little tits until I blew my load. she didn't wake up and I have never told her. I dont think there is really anything wrong with what I did.

mwisiens Xper 1.

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After my father divorced my step mother. My step sister and I hung out together. We were both physically attracted each other and ended up having sex. I am not sure that counted as incest since my father and her mother were divorced. Sevenpointfive 3K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

yes, but it brought us closer together. this is not an incest forum though and i have no doubt this question will get kicked. coolIdc Xper 1. yeah i give my brother blowjobs a lot and i really want to fuck him. Also me and my cousin used to eat each other out and wanted to have sex. sammy opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Can cum inside my sister are definitely right

if my 2 cousins count then yes we fooled around how much info do you want hehe. what do I do? she's my biological sister. Yes, with my sister and was oral sensations mainly. J9inva opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6.

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