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Red faced I answer yes what a surprise to see you too. Several people looked at me with that Dickie, who is Dickie. Sue sat down to her desk and started her training program. I heard Sue calling me, Hey Dickie, show me how to do this.

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I looked up, Sue had her legs spread so I could clearly see her white lacy thong panties, the out line of her shaved pussy was very plain to see. My little dickie sprang to full hardest. I went over to show her and she made sure I got an eye full of her crotch by spreading her legs far apart by accident of course. I was a wreck; my cock was leaking wanted her to touch it again.

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She teased me all day, I was changing my homemade panty liners it seemed every twenty minutes. Ten minutes from quitting time Sue called my name again, getting me a real panty show, it took all I had to keep from cumming my pants. With a very sexy voice asked me to get a drink, maybe dinner after work, saying she knew it was a night Jill and I went out.

I was a nervous wreck walking out the building with her. Sue wrapped her arm around mine, was talking about the fun we had, thinking we could have more fun together. Getting to the restaurant she asked for a booth for two, ordered drinks for two, then started asking questions. My cock was throbbing, this sexy woman was setting with me, talking to me and her foot was rubbing my leg.

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She then asked where I lived, I explained that my apartment was walking distance from work. That got a smile out of her, she claimed that taking the bus to work was a pain and wanted to check my place out. Sue downed her drink, looked at me with that well drink up. Off we went to my place.

As soon as Sue walked in it was ooh my, your place is a lot bigger and better than mine. Then she opened the bedroom door, to my horror my pretty pink nightie was laying on my bed, waiting for me to get home. Sue looked back at me saying: you have a female roommate? I was frozen in place, then Sue smiled my life was over.

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Dickie; I didn't know you were gay or a crossdresser. Why didn't you tell me, we could have had fun dressing up. She walked into the bathroom open up dirty close hamper saw the cummy panties I had put there this morning. She picked them up a sniff them, then walked over to me rubbing them in my nose.

Open your mouth up dickie, which I did. Sue stuff those cummy cock smelling panties in my mouth.

Let's get something straight right now, no sissy husband of mine will put his cummy, smelling panties into the hamper with out sucking the smelling cum out of them understand. I tried to tell her I didn't want to be her sissy husband, nor was I a sissy, but with those cummy panties in my mouth I couldn't speak clearly. The women's dresses and under garments belonged to Jill not me, but again with a mouth full I she couldn't understand what I was saying.

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Then she unfastened by belt, unsnapped my pants jerked them down. There I stood in blue panties soaked with precum, my small cock sticking straight out. Dickie we are going to have to change your name. that thing sticking out is not a dick.

A large clitty yes, dick no, so sissy you will refer to it has your large clitty, now doesn't that sound better. Get those wet panties off right now young lady. Suck the cum out of them. I took the first pair out of my mouth to put new ones in, Sue slapped my face, sissy I didn't not give you permission to remove those dirty panties, don't ever do that again.

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I tried to explain that I was not a sissy, but she started stuffing the panties back in, shamefully I was enjoying chewing the panties, kind of like the flavor.

Sue pointed out the fact that my clitty was sticking straight out and dripping. I had two pairs of cum filled panties in my mouth, a very sexy woman standing in front of me I get turned on by chewing cummy panties, what happened to me. Now Sissy, as she talked her hand was playing with my large clitty, I only have two suite cases of close at my hotel room, so we can get those tonight. We can start your sissy training right away. With her hand teasing my clitty I had no control, with my mouth still full of cummy panties, almost clean now, I was her slave.

She picked out a pair of yellow panties for me to wear out to get her things. Instructed me on how to hang my panties to dry out. Telling me that I was to only suck cum and cunt juice out of her panties, I was not to chew her's up. Then out the door we went her holding my hand telling me I was going to be a perfect sissy husband after my training. COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES.


Log In Sign Up. Explore New Story. I quickly found the one I was looking for, the one from last night.

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I opened it and saw the last entry. Hmm, so my sister knows I know about what she did. I relocked the phone and put it back where I left it. I went over to my bed and grabbed my short.

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As I slid my legs in, my sister came in dressed in shorts and a tank top with a towel around her head. She seemed to avoid eye contact with me as she went over and started to pack up her things.

I thought about saying something and then chose to let it wait until later. I grab an extra set of clothes and went to grab a quick shower. I say a quick shower since the water tank is small at the cabins and I was the last one to take one. I started to get a nice rise when I became quickly aware that the hot water was quickly leaving me.

Cum swallowing story

It actually it turned cold very quickly, interrupting my train of thought and depleting the blood flow to my lower regions. I jumped out of the shower and got dried and dressed. When I got back to the room, my sister had already finished packing and had her bags out in the living room. She was also nowhere to be found. After a quick cleaning of the cabin we loaded the car and drove down the road. We drove for about an hour with my sister looking out her window and pretty much ignoring me.

When we stopped for gas, my mom decided to go get drinks while my dad filled the car. This was the first time my sister and I were pretty much alone.

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We sat there for what seemed like a several minutes, though I know it was only a few seconds staring out our windows when my sister finally broke the silence. I looked over at her. She was still staring out the window.

It almost looked as though she was going to cry or something. I felt a little bad. I mean I was still pretty pissed that she let me believe we might die, but I guess things worked out alright.

I told her about me needing to clear my head and the walk down to the lake and finding James there. I explained how I read the texts and pretty much stood there in a fog for a bit.

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Tagged: Cum Swallowing. Fiction. by Free Sex Story Published Just as I completed that thought I heard him groan. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, followed by hot jets of cum shooting out onto my tongue and into the back of my throat. The feeling was strange, but I found it quite easy to swallow his load. He continued to cum, so I kept swallowing every last drop that came out. "That felt fucking   Cum swallowing in the cabin. By dss August 6, 23 Mins Read. My mind was still buzzing after finding out my sister had orchestrated the break-in to our cabin so she could give me a blow job. The fact that it ended in sex was almost overwhelming! I slowly walked up the moonlit path back to our cabin with a plan to have her fulfill her

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I was 13, he was 13 too. We were best friends, and we were masturbating together. We both could cum, him more than me, as he was more pubescent. One day, we were watching porn, naked next to each other. The guy just came into the girls mouth and s Cum Swallowing, New Sex Stories, Adult Fictions, Erotic Sex Stories, Free Sex Stories, Real Sex Stories, Erotic Fictions, Erotic Short Stories. Skip to content. but true story. I don?t want to ponder on the non interesting stuff, the kissing and the fucking that came before. He was young and fucked Continue reading Cumming together   Category: cum swallowing Wedding Shop With Virgin Niece. February 5, John had retired at an early age of His investments had paid out and had paid out handsomely. He was enjoying his life away from the fast lane by playing golf four days per week and helping his wife Ann out with the books for her business

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Wife's Cum Swallowing Sissy Ch. 01; Wife's Cum Swallowing Sissy Ch. Story Info. Becoming Sue's sissy husband. k words. font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider New Story; Try the free LITEROTICA WEBCAMS! Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Close. Story Tags Portal; cum swallowing 'cum swallowing' stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related Tags (6,)   I Love Swallowing Cum. Ever since I first started having sex and giving blowjobs I knew that I had a fetish for cum and swallowing cum. I find it erotic, it makes me horny and I love the sensation as the warm liquid oozes itself down my throat. The first time I discovered that I loved swallowing cum was when I was giving my first boyfriend a

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