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A space to share stories of our work using narrative practices with children, adults and families in the Indian context

Monthly Narrative Gathering – July 2018


Inviting everyone to join us for our next Narrative Gathering “Saath Saath – Narrative Ideas Ke Saath”

Rakesh Doshi and Sonali Jain are partners in work, life and with Narrative Ideas and Practices. They will share their journey with Narrative Ideas and Practices and their context of life and work.

Date: July 14th Saturday

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Ummeed Training Facility

Speaker Bio’s :

Sonali Jain : She is the Project Director of Ra Foundation, an NGO facilitating residential school education for children from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds. An MSW from Nirmala Niketan, she has completed the Community Mental Health Training Program from Ummeed in 2015-16.

Rakesh Doshi : He is a trainer with Ernst and Young Foundation (EYF), a CSR initiative of Ernst and Young. EYF offer scholarships to Xth standard students from Municipal and Government aided schools, who have scored 80%+ in their Xth exams and are from the weaker economic section of society. He has completed the Community Mental Helath Training Program from Ummeed in 2016-17.


CMHTP – 4 Block 3 Day 4

On the last day of CMHTP – 4 Block 3, our participants reflected on the Outsider Witness exercises and shared their reflections.

They were then divided in groups to brainstorm and present the use of Outsider Witness exercise in different ways. They came up with ideas which were local.

They also brainstormed about using Remembering and Outsider Witness practises in their work context.

CMHTP – 4 Block 3 Day 3

Day 3 of the CMHTP -4 Block 3 witnessed performances like singing and poetry. Our participants were outsider witnesses to these performances and there were many things which resonated with them which they shared with the performers through writing and voice recording.

We practiced Outsider Witness in the second half through postcards and exercises.

CMHTP – 4 Block 3 Day 2

Day 2 of CMHTP – 4, Block 3 was spent in exploring Re-membering map in details with teaching focusing on the categories of enquiries.

Our participants experienced the map through exercises and activities.

CMHTP – 4 Block 3 Day 1

Day 1 of the CMHTP – 4, Block 3 commenced on Monday 2nd July 2018


Our participants reflected on how they have been using Narrative Ideas in their journeys, personally as well as professionaly. They were then divided in groups to present the Externalizing map as well as Re-authouring map in their own way.

We then introduced Remembering map with the dil se dil ka connection exercise.

MHTP – 7 Block 3 Day 5

The last day of the MHTP – 7, Block 3 was about exploring in detail the Absent but Implicit Map and experiencing such a conversation with an exercise.

Since the block has been about exploring one’s identity as a social construction, it ended with beautiful presentations by participants about their understandings of where they have come in their sense of self.

MHTP – 7 Block 3 Day 4

In the Day 4 of MHTP -7 Block 3, participants continued exploring the Outsider Witness Map. They practiced the same through an exercise and reflected back in the larger group about the experience of the same.

In the second half of the day, they were introduced to the idea of absent but implicit map.

Happy Pride Month

The Mental Health Team at Ummeed alongwith the MHTP – 7 participants celebrated the Pride month engaging in a conversation to re-imagine a queertopian world. What would a world look like if seen from a lens of queerness?

People in the room wrote letters to a world they hope for which was facilitated by our participant Prathma and Raviraj.

MHTP – 7 Block 3 Day 3

On Day 3 of MHTP 7 Block 3, participants explored the Re-membering Map in context of grief and loss. We were honoured to hear stories of our participant’s personal experiences and tears were a testimony of the safe space that we share and have created in these 3 blocks.

The second half led our participants to be witnesses to some performances and they wrote letters to the performers expressing what resonated with them using the Outsider Witness Map.

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