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Narrative Practices and Mental Health for Children ft. Jehanzeb Baldiwala on The SOS Show with Suchita!

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One of the recent episodes on the #SOS Show with Suchita Bhhatia was on Narrative Practices and Mental Health for Children featuring Jehanzeb Baldiwala, Director Mental Health Services at Ummeed Child Development Center.

Ummeed is a non profit organisation that provides services for children experiencing developmental disabilities in India. Jehanzeb Baldiwala heads the Mental Health Team at Ummeed that works with young people experiencing various mental health issues ranging from anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, autism, ADHD and many more. In this episode Suchita is in conversation with Jehanzeb where she shares the various narrative practices they use to connect with the kids and make them self aware and independent. The parents and the Ummeed family form a big part of bringing out this change together.

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Ep.21 Narrative Practices and Mental Health for Children ft. Jehanzeb Baldiwala,Director-Mental Health Services at Ummeed Child Development Center

Making Emotions Tangible – Mithila

About 3 years back, in order to understand and explore an estranged relationship I shared with my father, I started photographing him and life in my parent’s home. It was a very therapeutic process. Ever since I started using photography as therapy for myself.

At the same time I also started consulting a therapist as I had been feeling polarised emotions and experiencing internal conflict for a while. As I spoke to my therapist each time, I had these visuals in my head of how I felt. Alongside I started photographing my state of mind. I started translating those feelings/mental visuals in to images.

The intentionality was not conscious initially, but by translating my emotions and my state of mind in to an image let me externalize it and make it tangible. This objectification of my state of being gave me more clarity and allowed me to explore it further.

These images are in chronological order of my state of being, mostly captured between February 2017 and July 2018. For a very long time I did not look back at these images, but when I did, I was able to make meaning out of it.

Now photographing my state of being has become a part of me. I do it more intentionally and it really gives me clarity about when I feel a certain way and what may be causing it. Keeping it in a chronological order also lets me understand the timeline and the place that I may be at the time.

At one point I called this project, ‘Expedition Happiness’, but it also made me realize that I was looking for the kind of happiness that I used to feel a few years back. But I have come to understand that this journey has led me to change and grow and happiness looks different now.

Monthly Narrative Gathering – November 2019

Greetings from Ummeed!

Narrative Gathering-9NOV-Eng

Inviting people from our narrative community for our next monthly narrative gathering session – Exploring chnaging discourses through songs and poetry. Through some off-beat songs, poetry with reflective exercises, Anand hopes to facilitate some sharings and conversations about different discourses that are close to each one of us in the narrative tribe.

The facilitator for this sessions is Anand Kumtha. He is a parent to a young man with autism and works mainly with adults with special needs. He has been a part of street theatre group and writes poems and composes songs. He believes that poetry is like oxygen to the human soul.

Date: 09th November 2019

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Ummeed Child Development Center – Training Facility

Zoom is available for those who cannot come in person. They can login by clicking the link mentioned 


Request you to please call 022-62102000 or email to confirm your participation.

Monthly Narrative Gathering – October 2019

On the occasion of World Mental Health Awareness Month, we invite you to join us in reflecting on the many little things – skills, ideas, actions and hopes – that support our mental health and that of others around us.

Kindly refer to the flyer for more details! 


Bookish Diversity – 10th October 2019!

10th October is World Mental Health Day and we are excited to invite you to join us. To celebrate the day, we are hosting a conversation between a few of our favourite children’s book lovers. They will be sharing their thoughts on the representation of children with disabilities in children’s literature.

Deepa Balsavar, Children’s book writer and illustrator (The lonely king and queen & Nani’s walk in the park), Sangeeta Bhansali, Founder of Kahani Tree (A magical children’s bookstore), Amrita, Co-Founder of Apni Shala (works with children in schools to build their socio-emotional language), Lubaina Bandukwala,  Author and Curator of Peek-a-Book (children’s literature festival) and our very own Vibha Krishnamurthy,  Developmental Pediatrician & Founder, Ummeed child development center will be our guest speakers engaging in a conversation on

‘Bookish Diversity’.

 Date: 10th Oct’19

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Venue:  Ummeed Training Facility, 6B – 6C Trust House, Near Global Hospital, Dr E Borges Road Parel, Mumbai 400012          

The event is open for everyone. Please refer to the flyer for further details. In case of any queries and for registration please call 022 6210 2000 or email

Looking forward to having you with us.

Bookish Diversity-WMHD 2019 Event.png

2 – Day Introductory Workshop on Narrative Ideas and Practices, October 2019

Ummeed’s Mental Health Team is conducting a two – day Introductory Workshop on Narrative Ideas and Practices in Mumbai on 17th and 18th October 2019.

For more details, kindly refer to the flyer. The workshop shall be facilitated in English.

Register soon!

Narrative Ideas WORKSHOP-OCT-2019

Library of Hope – Raviraj Shetty and Dr. Riddhi Mehta

A fun pop-up library in Lower Parel makes reading exciting and accessible for all.

Raviraj Shetty lives in Mumbai with his parents, sister and an amazing bunch of friends. He is an occupational therapist, trainer, supervisor and a manager at Ummeed Child Development Center, a non- profit organization which collaborates with children experiencing disabilities and their families. He believes in his heart that people are not the problem, but the problem is the problem. Curiosity, Hope and Magic are things that guide his life.

Riddhi is a Developmental Pediatrician at Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai, a not for profit organization that supports children with various developmental difficulties. Along with doing developmental assessments for children, she also worked as a Research Assistant on an international project aimed at developing a tool for monitoring development of children 0-3 years in low and middle income countries (International Guide for Monitoring Child Development).



Should I talk to my child about Autism? – Jill Sanghvi

Jill Sanghvi has been with Ummeed Child Development Center since 2009. She is currently a counselor and training manager at Ummeed. Jill holds a Masters Degree from Mumbai University and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Pace University, New York. Jill has been drawn towards narrative ideas and practices since she started working at Ummeed. She engages with therapeutic conversations with young people and families experiencing disabilities.

She is also on the resource committee of Forum for Autism, a parent body for people and families experiencing Autism. Jill is currently a Ph.D. student at Vrije Universiteit Brussel exploring lived experience and the social construction of Autism as a part of her research.

Monthly Narrative Gathering – September 2019!

Greetings from Ummeed!


Inviting everyone from our narrative community to witness our next monthly Narrative Gathering “Narrative Approaches in Social Work Practice” in September 2019.

Rosanna will be sharing, how narrative ideas and practices have brought new insights to her understanding of social work practice, advocacy, group work and individual case work; as well as how they have helped her to look for what people are truly valuing as important to them.

Rosanna Rodrigues is a social worker and an Arts-based therapy practitioner, currently working with Khula Aasman Trust as a Senior Coordinator.

Date: 14th September 2019

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Ummeed Child Development Center – Training Facility

Zoom is available for those who cannot come in person. They can login by clicking the link mentioned 

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