For many of us who were trained in Narrative Ideas and Practises at Ummeed Chid Development Center’s one year course of Mental health Training Program, the coming together of Shona, Peggy & Maggie is one of those rare special moments. During the training we meet each one of them for our teaching blocks at different points individually and we all wished to see them together someday. And finally that moment is here when the three of them will be delivering a keynote address ‘ Narrative Therapy: Past Present and Possible Future’ at The Room Full of Stories.



Shona Russell


Shona Russell lives in Adelaide, Australia, where she works as a therapist, teacher and supervisor at Narrative Practices, Adelaide. She has considerable experience in working in a range of therapeutic contexts with families, individuals and communities. Shona is actively involved in supervising practitioners who work with effects of trauma including violence, abuse and historical injustice. Shona is also a teacher with a number of narrative therapy teaching faculties both within Australia and internationally. Shona has played a crucial role in training the mental health team at Ummeed Child Development Center in Narrative ideas and its application in varied contexts. She has been on the teaching faculty at Ummeed;s Mental Health Training Program.



Peggy Sax


Peggy Sax, Ph.D. M.Ed., is in independent practice in Middlebury, Vermont, USA as a licensed psychologist. First and foremost, Peggy is a practitioner in therapeutic conversations. Her work as an international teacher, consultant and online study group host are all imbued with learning from first-hand experience as a family therapist in her small town New England community. Over 35 years, she has moved between the professional worlds of early intervention, family therapy, children’s mental health and organisation development. Peggy has written more than eight books on the subject.  She is the author of several articles, the book, Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory, this companion Re-authoring Teaching website and founder of The Collab.  Whether online, on-the-road or within her beautiful home state of Vermont, it gives her great joy to bring together favorite people, ideas and practices – to learn, engage, play and replenish together. Peggy is part of the teaching Faculty for Ummeed’s Mental Health training program and has played a crucial role in training the team at Ummeed.


Maggie Carey


Maggie Carey is one of the co-directors of Narrative Practices Adelaide, a center for narrative training, supervision and therapy. Maggie has been involved in the practice of narrative therapy since the early 90’s and in the teaching of it for the past 18 years, in local and international contexts. Maggie enjoys the opportunity to teach both the theoretical principles of the narrative approach and the detailed practices that come from these philosophical underpinnings. Maggie is always keen to make the narrative practice and thinking accessible to workshop participants and is energetic in her desire to have practitioners develop their own rich accounts of themselves in their work. Maggie’s therapeutic practice has seen her working alongside young people at risk, with women and children who live with the effects of violence and abuse and with people who have experienced trauma.Her current therapeutic work covers a range of issues that are impacting on people and she has a lively supervision practice with practitioners across many continents.Maggie is part of the teaching faculty at Ummeed’s Mental Health Training Team and has played a crucial role in training the team at Ummeed.


At The Room Full of Stories , Shona, Peggy & Maggie will share an overview of the history of Narrative Therapy and locate some of the areas of study that have informed this approach. Narrative ways of working have taken a different trajectory to many psychosocial approaches that have traditionally individualized people and internalized problems. The emphasis on the social construction of identity and attention to the politics of experience will be linked with the theoretical underpinnings that support the Narrative Approach. Shona, Peggy and Maggie will also reflect on the ways in which working with the Ummeed team has contributed to their own work and how it continues to shape and inform their ways of working. They will look at the ways in which identity is seen a s a co-construction in Narrative Therapy, rather than a fixed reality. Some of the current streams of research and enquiry in the wider fields of therapy such as links with neuroscience and the ‘performative’ element of stories will also be explored as ways of contributing to the ongoing vitalization of Narrative Therapy.



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We are honoured to have Shona, Peggy & Maggie at The Room Full Of Stories sharing the story of Narrative Therapy. You can find out more about the Room Full of Stories at You can also contact Ami Damani our conference coordinator at +91 9930 555019 or at

Next week we will introduce Scott Cooper and the story he will share at The Room Full of Stories.

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