We are excited and proud to introduce you to Jehanzeb Baldiwala, a storyteller at India’s First International Narrative Therapy Conference; A Room Full of Stories (13-18th October 2016)

Jehanzeb Baldiwala is a therapist, supervisor, trainer and part of Ummeed Child Development Center’s management team since 2004. She has aligned herself with narrative ways of working over the past ten years. Her work at Ummeed includes consulting with families and children in responding to a range of issues that include anxiety, depression, school related issues etc in addition to training and supervising the mental health team at Ummeed. She was instrumental in developing a year long Mental Health Training Program in collaboration with Narrative Practices Adelaide and Reauthoring Teaching, Vermont. Currently, she is working with her team to pilot a training program that focuses on teaching community workers narrative ways to work with families in Hindi. She has also helped with the design, implementation and documentation of supervision processes at Ummeed.

Formerly Director of Family Support and Social Rehabilitation Services at North East Community Center, Philadelphia, USA, she has a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Mumbai.


Jehanzeb is an accomplished therapist and researcher and author link on the link below to read some of Jehanzeb’s work.    


 We are looking forward to Jehanzeb’s key note! 

If you are interested in learning more about narrative ideas and about A Room Full of Stories you can visit our conference website  http://www.narrativeconference2016.in

Alternatively you can also contact Ami Damaniour conference coordinator at +91993055519 or at ami.damani@ummeed.org.

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