A Room Full Of Stories is excited and proud to introduce you to Vijay Raghunath Sable, a storyteller at India’s First International Narrative Therapy Conference; A Room Full of Stories (13-18th October 2016). Vijay Sable is one of our many local speakers, read about his work below.

Vijay is a Special Educator at the Jai Vakeel school in Mumbai, India. The school was started by Mr. & Mrs. Hormusjee Vakeel for their daughter Dina who was born with Down’s Syndrome. The ‘school’ started in 1944, with 2 kids from their house and by 1949 there were over 75 students.Today the Institute caters to over 700 people annually and serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for all the needs of a mentally challenged person with ‘associated disabilities’ e.g. Epilepsy, Autism, Cerebral Palsy etc.

Vijay received his Bachelor of Arts from Mumbai University and his Bachelors in Education from Special Education MR, Mumbai University. Vijay started working at Jai Vakeel in 1995 and has been there ever since. Vijay’s work at Jai Vakeel is not limited to the classroom, he is involved in parent and student vocational groups. He also works with students with profound intellectual difficulties. Vijay is currently a participant of Ummeed’s Community Mental Health Training Program.

We are excited to hear about Vijay’s work and use of narrative ideas and practices!

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