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Shamin Mehrotra has graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, USA with a Master’s degree (MSED) in Psychological Services as well as from the University of Mumbai with an additional Master’s degree (MA) in Applied Psychology. She is a Senior Therapist and Director Outreach and a member of the Senior Management team at Ummeed Child Development Center for over 13 years.

Shamin has played a key role in conceptualizing, building and supervising the School Outreach team at Ummeed. The School Outreach Team works toward creating inclusive cultures and helping schools translate inclusive policy to practice in order to create a safe space to support children reach their maximum learning potential in both academic and social arenas. Along with managing the overall working of the team she is also involved with designing and delivering training modules to build capacities within existing school systems.

She has also been instrumental in developing, designing as well as delivering training modules for the Mental Health Training Program at Ummeed. The Mental Health Training Program is a year-long part time program that focuses on training professionals in Narrative Therapy and is run in partnership with Narrative Practices, Adelaide.

Along with this an integral part of Shamin’s work involves working with children with disabilities and their families and providing them with mental health support on an ongoing basis.

In addition to all of this Shamin is extremely sporty and enjoys swimming and trekking. Shamin’s love of life is contagious and makes her one of the pillars of the Ummeed family!

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