In 1948 The Jai Vakeel School got a few students over the age of 18 and so started a Vocational Training Centre for them in the Vakeel’s garage.

Today, a child remains at the school till the age of 18 years. However, from the age of 12 they are taught pre-vocational skills and other generic skills based on their IQ, aptitude and `motor co ordination.

Post 18 the children are moved to the Vocational Training Centre where they continue their training in a specific job. After 3 years of training, those who can be placed in open competitive jobs or self-employment jobs are placed accordingly, and those who cannot are employed are placed in the institution’s Sheltered Workshop and are paid a nominal stipend for the products that they produce. The school ensures that each child has a bank account where their earnings can be safely deposited. The Center offers trainings in candle making, creating stationary and jewellery making among many other things.

Vandana S. Kadam has graduated with a Bachelors in Arts and a Bachelors in Special Education. She works as a Special Teacher at the Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Center. She has spent 15 years working in the Foundation’s vocational training department assisting students with special needs to become independent members of society. Vandana is passionate about her work and currently a participant in Ummeed’s Community Mental Health Training Program, where she is exploring Narrative ideas and practices.

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