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Raviraj Shetty is a mental health worker and an occupational therapist. Raviraj completed his Bachelors and Masters in Occupational Therapy from Seth.G.S.Medical College and K.E.M.Hospital, Mumbai.  He is a Senior therapist, Supervisor and training lead at Ummeed Child Development Center and consultant at POSAT foundation both ngo’s which work with children, young people and families. At Ummeed, Raviraj has initiated and facilitates diverse programs like The I’m-perfect Fathers group, The Pen-pal project and The Identity Project..

Raviraj along with his best friend and colleague Jill, co-founded Happie World, a space for young people with diverse needs to express through arts. He along with his colleague Jehanzeb are writing a book called ‘The Special Something’ which is a collection of stories of ‘little’special things parents do with their children. Recently his work using narrative ideas within the context of handwriting training was published in the indian journal of occupational therapy. Raviraj along with his thought partner Jehanzeb have been interested in exploring narrative ideas within the diverse context of supervision, organisation, teaching and parenting.

Raviraj enjoys his identity as a teacher of narrative ideas and practises for professional and community health workers across India. He is also part of Ummeed’s early childhood development and disabilities training program for community health workers.

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