Greetings from Ummeed!

Ummeed Child Development Center is eagerly waiting to welcome all people of the narrative community for the Narrative Gathering this Saturday where Yashna along with Ananya and Ravi shall be presenting their work.

They will be sharing their journey of creating a collective document with a group of young people to make visible their knowledge about mental health that is unique to their life, their experiences and their context. The young people pooled together some of the localized, home-skills in managing mental health concerns and curated the handbook ‘Jugaad’!

Yashna Vishwanathan is a mental health worker at Ummeed working with children experiencing developmental disabilities and their families. Informed by narrative practices she has been interested in exploring social inclusion, exploring deconstructing practices, social justice and writing.

Ananya Broker Parekh is an illustrator who loves to make pictures. She sees the world through pictures capturing color, textures and diversity.

Raviraj Shetty is a mental health worker and an occupational therapist. Raviraj enjoys his identity as a teacher of narrative ideas and practices for professional and community health workers across India. Raviraj along with his thought partner Jehanzeb have been interested in exploring narrative ideas within the diverse context of supervision, organisation, teaching and parenting.

Date: 11th May 2019

Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Venue: Ummeed Training Facility

Zoom is available for those who cannot come in person.