This space is a documentation and reflection of the journey of narrative ideas and practices in India. Like a rhizome that tirelessly creates connections, the practices have thrived against dominant stories of mental health and flourished out into the open at the most unpredictable places. In contrast to a structured scaling using a predetermined path, narrative ideas have travelled in a de-centered, non-hierarchical manner, direction in motion, with the many shoots connecting to each other at diverse points of time.

From the knowledges of the lived experience of children with disabilities and their families to the know-hows of  Adivasi people on how to nurture land and relationships to the stories of our fight for independence to the writings of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar and the reflections of Arundathi Roy and many more who have continued to thrive through our collective inter-generational memories, call out to us to educate, organise and agitate. 

Narrative practices have been ever present in our languages, our songs, our dance, our celebrations, our food, our relationships with beings and our daily lives. We hope that resilience and love nourish these practices so they may continue to thrive in their chaotic splendor and take many more forms than it is currently possible to know.  

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  1. Vibha says:

    Great to see this – congratulations!

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