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Workshop Series in collaboration with VConnect Foundation – Ahemdabad

The Mental Health Team, in collaboration with VConnect Foundation travelled to Ahemedabad and did a one-day sensitization workshop with parents of children with hearing differences.

Along with initiating dialogues to co-create the parents’ know-hows on mental health in the community, the day went on to unpack and make visible what supports and doesn’t support their mental health.

Through conversations, games, activities, the parents’ community brought in their collective expertise and ‘jugaads’ to manage mental health concerns, made visible things that they do for their well-being and for their children in their relationships with them.


Narrative Ideas travel to Mexico!

Ummeed Child Development Center, India along with Colectivo de Practicas Narrativas, Mexico facilitated workshops on ‘ Narrative Practices and Children’s Literature’ in three different places in Mexico : Mexico City, Masters of Narrative Practices in Education and Community Work, Universidad Campesina Indigena en Red, Puebla and Instituto de Genero Familia y Comunidad A.C (IGEFAM) , Oaxaca.

Pragati Ki Ummeed

As a part of his final presentation for Ummeed’s year-long Community Mental Health Training Program in Narrative Therapy titled “Pragati Ki Ummeed”, Sumeet Gade shares his experience of using narrative ideas and practices into his work with young people he consults with.


Monthly Narrative Gathering – August 2019

Greetings from Ummeed!


Inviting everyone from our narrative community to witness our next monthly Narrative Gathering “The Use of Narrative Ideas : In my work, with my team, and other areas of my life! ” in August 2019.

Vahishati Daboo is a parent of a child experiencing hearing diversity and is the co-founder of VConnect Foundation – a Parent Support Group for parents of children with hearing differences.

She will share her journey with Narrative Ideas and Practices and how she uses them in the context of her work with children experiencing hearing differences and their families, her team and in her day to day life.

Date: 10th August 2019  

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Ummeed Training Facility

Zoom is available for those who cannot come in person. 

Exploring a Change to the narrative in ‘labeling’ mental illness.

As a part of her final presentation for Ummeed’s year-long Mental Health Training Program in Narrative Therapy titled ‘Exploring a Change to the narrative in ‘labeling’ mental illness’, Riona Lall shares her experience of using narrative ideas and practices into her work with young adults she consults with.

Narrative Ideas travel to Jalgaon!

The Mental Health Team at Ummeed did a one-day sensitization with the staff of Udaan Foundation at Jalgaon on what is mental health, what does it look like it the community and in the teams’ work with families.

The Ummeed Mental Health Team and Udaan team explored together through games, activities and conversations to understand mental health, factors that affect mental health and ‘little’ things people do, things in our culture that help us support our mental health.

We look forward to collaborating on more such conversations and gathering know-hows from the Udaan community about mental health.


First Mental Health ECHO Program

The First Mental Health ECHO Program in using Narrative Ideas & Practices in the context of children and families commenced on 11th June 2019. This program consists of a series of 10 bimonthly sessions from June to October using the ECHO platform.

The intention of these interactive skill building training sessions is to create an opportunity for workers exploring narrative ideas and practices to have rich discussions about application of the ideas and practices and discuss any dilemmas or successes that they are experiencing in their work with children and families.

Rescuing Utopia : Conversations Using The Re-authoring Map

As a part of her final presentation for Ummeed’s year-long Mental Health Training Program in Narrative Therapy titled ‘Rescuing Utopia: Conversations Using The Re-authoring Map’, Shweta Srinivasan shares her experience of imbibing narrative ideas and practices into her work.

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